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Properly Flushing Your Cooling System

Why make sure your cooling system is clean?

A clean and clear cooling system is critical to normal engine operation. By keeping your cooling system in tip-top shape with Bar’s, you will be assured you will receive the most from your vehicle. When the cooling system is dirty or clogged with contaminates, it is likely that the engine will run hotter and develop problems quicker than expected under normal operational conditions. Running an engine hot will (1) advance the degradation of the lubricants (thermal breakdown) and accelerate oxidation, (2) dry out seals prematurely and (3) even crack metal engine and cooling system components. Moreover, vehicle owners that choose to run their vehicle with water as the coolant will experience drastic degradation of the cooling system components.

Properly Flushing your Cooling System

This following guide sets forth the basics for the do-it-yourself-mechanic. IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to consult with a professional as Bar’s Products International or Bar’s Products Europe can not be responsible for any damage resulting in improper use of the following information. In the event your vehicles’ cooling system significantly differes from the average, please consult a technician prior to flushing the cooling system.

Important Chemical Disposal Compliance Note: Be sure to dispose of your used antifreeze/coolant appropriately and observe any local environmental regulations that may apply. Please note: If your car has a copper radiator or heater core, the coolant may be contaminated with lead solder. Many regulation may require that this old coolant be classified as hazardous-waste and an appropiate waste disposal facilitie must be used to discard the old coolant.

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